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  • Relax during treatment with dental sedation
  • Feel at ease with our gentle, calming staff
  • Improve your oral health with stress-free visits

Turn to Us for Help Relieving Dental Anxiety in Elizabethtown

Most people would admit that going to the dentist isn’t their favorite thing to do, but they still manage to keep up with routine appointments for cleanings and exams. If you dread dentist appointments enough to avoid them as much as possible, though, it’s time you visit a caring team that is dedicated to relieving dental anxiety in Elizabethtown. Dental appointments will never be the same after you experience our:

  • Calming, gentle staff who go out of their way to make you feel at ease
  • Patient-friendly technology that makes treatment more comfortable and efficient
  • Soothing sedation options designed to calm your nerves for more relaxing care
  • Dentists that take time to answer your questions and explain treatment options
  • A judgment-free environment where the focus is restoring your dental health

Let us help you overcome dental fear so you can keep your smile healthy. Call Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry today at either of our locations at 270-491-3768 (Lakewood) or 270-200-6225 (Lincoln Trail) to schedule a stress-free appointment.

Make Your Dental Care Easier With Dental Sedation

No matter how well you take care of your teeth at home with daily brushing and flossing, you still need to visit the dentist twice a year to maintain good oral health. But dental fear can be powerful enough to keep millions of people from getting the routine care they need. The longer you go between appointments, the more your oral health will suffer, which only intensifies your dental anxiety. You’re afraid of the kinds of problems a dentist might discover during an exam and the type of treatments you may need to restore your teeth and gums.

Our gentle approach and sedation options will change the way you experience dental appointments, so you can make routine care an easy part of your life. You can choose between two types of dental sedation:

  • Inhaled Sedation – Commonly known as laughing gas, this form of sedation takes immediate effect, just enough to take the edge off and calm your nerves throughout your treatment. It wears off quickly too, without leaving you groggy.
  • Oral Sedation – For more severe anxiety, we can prescribe a pill you’ll take before your treatment for a deeper state of relaxation. This method makes it easier to perform multiple procedures in a single visit, so you don’t have to stress about additional appointments.

Trust a compassionate team who is experienced at relieving dental anxiety in Elizabethtown. Call Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry today at either of our locations at 270-491-3768 (Lakewood) or 270-200-6225 (Lincoln Trail) to schedule an easy dental appointment. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About Relieving Dental Anxiety

Can you help with relieving dental anxiety?

Our team has lots of experience in helping patients overcome their anxious feelings so they can receive the dental care they need. We have created a calming environment to help you relax. We also use patient-friendly technology and techniques to speed your treatment and keep discomfort at a minimum. For example, our dental laser helps you avoid the need for incisions and stitching.

What can you do to relieve dental anxiety?

Our experienced team is fully trained to listen to your needs and answer all your questions so that you’re completely comfortable. If there’s anything you need to help ease your nerves, just let us know, and we’ll do what we can to help. We also offer two forms of dental sedation to eliminate your anxiety: inhaled sedation with laughing gas and oral sedation using a small pill.

Are there steps I can take at home to relieve dental anxiety?

It may help to request an early morning appointment. That way, you can complete your treatment instead of spending the day fretting about it. At our office, you can schedule your visit as early as 7 a.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We also recommend visualizing a positive visit and taking deep, calming breaths. You can use those techniques at home and at our office.

Why is relieving dental anxiety important?

Fear of the dentist can be so severe that a patient will not come into the office for decades at a time. Because oral health affects overall health, this person is likely suffering not only in their mouth but also in other areas of their body. It’s important that we find a solution for the fear so that every patient can remain healthy.

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