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Protect Your Smile With General Dentistry in Elizabethtown

You deserve to have a healthy mouth and a nice smile. The best way to do that is by making professional dental care part of your oral health routine. Visit us for your general dentistry in Elizabethtown, KY so you can:

  • Improve your dental health
  • Maintain your healthy smile
  • Prevent long-term problems
  • Enjoy the confidence that comes with routine checkups
  • Discuss your smile goals and challenges with us

You deserve high-quality professional service from the moment you make your appointment. We’ll text you our patient forms ahead of time so you have the option of filling them out prior to your visit.

Our experienced and friendly team at Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry is ready and willing to help you keep your smile in great shape. Call 270-491-3768 (Lakewood) or 270-200-6225 (Lincoln Trail) today to schedule an appointment with us. For your convenience, our Lakewood location is open at 7 a.m. two days a week.

Count on Us for Comprehensive General Dental Care

Visiting your dentist a few times every year is invaluable for keeping your smile in good shape. We offer many services including cosmetic and restorative dentistry, but having a great smile starts with preventive care:

  • Dental Cleanings and Exams – Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar, which can lead to cavities and tooth infections. Our examinations are how we monitor changes to your teeth and identify problems as early as possible.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – Before periodontal problems can pose a threat to your smile, come here for a scaling and root planing procedure.
  • Fluoride Treatment – Applying this mineral to your teeth can repair minor decay and make your teeth more resistant to cavities.
  • Mouthguards – We can create custom mouthguards for your to wear while playing sports and to protect your teeth against grinding while you sleep.

We’ve invested in technology like digital X-rays, CT scans, intraoral cameras, and dental lasers to make your exams and other treatments easier. We also want to ease your mind about the cost of care. We accept a variety of payment options. We work with most dental insurance plans. You also can sign up for our in-house membership plan if you don’t have dental insurance. Cost is as low as $25 a month which covers exams, cleanings, and other preventive care. Plus, you’ll receive a 15 percent discount on other services.

Love your smile! Make your next appointment for general dentistry at Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry. Call 270-491-3768 (Lakewood) or 270-200-6225 (Lincoln Trail). You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About General Dentistry

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry is what we do here. We feature general dentistry solutions that will help keep your mouth healthy and your smile looking its best all through your life. This includes thorough examinations to screen for problems and to assess your teeth, gums, and mouth in general. General dentistry also includes protective measures like dental sealants and teeth cleanings to prevent dangerous plaque, tartar, and bacteria from causing disease, decay, and worse.

Can specialists practice general dentistry?

While dental specialists can practice general dentistry, most do not. A specialist has continued their training so that they can practice in a specialty such as oral surgery or endodontics, and they focus their practice in this area. You’ll get the best general dental care from a general dentist because they are used to treating a variety of problems every day.

Why should I go to a general dentist?

General dentistry focuses on preventive care designed to keep your smile as healthy as possible by stopping issues like cavities and gum disease. So if you want your smile to look and feel good, general dentistry is essential. Regular exams and cleanings are the cornerstone of preventive care. They allow our team to find potential problems in their earliest stages when they are easiest to treat.

What are gum disease symptoms?

You may not see the signs of gum disease on your own until its advanced stages, which is why it is often referred to as a silent killer. It’s also why your routine dental exams are so important. The earlier you spot periodontal infection, the easier it is to manage and, in many cases, reverse. Common symptoms to look for include red, swollen, tender, or bleeding gums, loose teeth, and persistent bad breath.

What is gum disease treatment?

Gum disease can be treated in a variety of ways, but the most conservative method is with a deep cleaning known as scaling and root planing. This is where your dentist or hygienist removes infection caused by bacterial plaque below and around your gumline and then smooths out your tooth roots so bacteria doesn’t return. Advanced gum disease may require other procedures to rebuild recessed tissue.

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