Cleanings and Exams Keep Your Smile Bright & Clean
  • Visit the location most convenient to you
  • Enjoy hassle-free exams with digital X-rays
  • Save money with our in-house membership plan

Love Your Smile With Cleanings and Exams in Elizabethtown

You know what you need to do to keep your smile looking its best. It’s why you brush and floss daily. It’s also why you should visit us a few times a year for professional cleanings and exams in Elizabethtown, KY. By keeping these appointments, you help yourself with:

  • Cleaner and healthier teeth
  • Finding problems when they are small and easy to solve
  • The confidence that comes from a nice smile
  • Knowing that you are doing the right things for your oral health

Call 270-491-3768 (Lakewood) or 270-200-6225 (Lincoln Trail) now to arrange your next dental appointment at Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry. Being proactive can keep your smile looking great for decades! For your convenience, our Lakewood office is open as early as 7 a.m. We’ll even text you our new patient forms so you have the option of filling them out before your appointment.

Make Dental Checkups a Regular Part of Your Routine

Going to the dentist for checkups can make a big difference in your long-term oral health. During these visits, we can do many things that are good for your smile including:

  • Dental Cleanings – Daily brushing and flossing is necessary, but so are cleanings by dental professionals. You don’t need them as often, but they play a vital role in removing plaque and tartar before you develop cavities.
  • Professional Exams – When you do have a dental problem, it is best to deal with it as soon as possible. That’s why our team looks for signs of decay, gum disease, and even oral cancer when you sit in our chairs. Digital X-rays and intraoral cameras allow us to detect issues we could not see otherwise.
  • Fluoride Treatments – Applying this mineral makes your teeth stronger and more resistant to harmful bacteria. It also can repair minor decay.

In addition to general dental services, you also can come to us for many restorative and cosmetic treatments. If you have concerns about the cost of care, know that we want to work with you. We accept a variety of payments and work with most dental insurance providers. You also can save with our in-house membership plan if you don’t have dental coverage. A low monthly fee covers the cost of routine care like exams and cleanings and offers savings of 15 percent on our other services. Cost is as low as $25 a month, and you’ll receive an additional 5 percent discount if you pay annually.

Take charge of your oral health. Brush and floss at home, and get regular cleanings and exams in Elizabethtown, KY at Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry. Schedule online or call 270-491-3768 (Lakewood) or 270-200-6225 (Lincoln Trail) to make your appointment.

Common Questions About Cleanings and Exams

Why should I get a dental exam if I’m not in pain?

If you wait until you are in pain, you already have a serious problem. On top of that, not all dental problems cause pain. By getting regular exams, you get the benefit of having dental professionals look at your mouth. We can identify potential problems or catch them in the early stages. That allows us to fix them before you may need expensive and invasive treatments.

How long does a dental exam and cleaning take?

The length of these services may vary a bit, depending on whether we take X-rays or provide any preventive services like dental sealants. Usually, though, we can complete an exam and cleaning in about an hour. You may need to allow more time if it’s been a long time since you’ve seen a dentist.

How often should I get a dental cleaning and exam?

In general, we recommend that a patient come in every six months for a dental exam and cleaning. Routine checkups allow us the chance to keep an eye on your oral health and provide early treatment for any problems we spot. You may need to visit us more often if you’re susceptible to gum disease.

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