Be honest. After your last family vacation, did you hear how much fun your loved ones had? Or how much your snoring disturbed their rest? Fortunately, a sleep mouthguard can put a stop to your snoring. So you won’t keep others awake if you are sharing a hotel room, a tent, or other close quarters.

Frequent loud snoring is one of the signs of sleep apnea, along with daytime fatigue, headaches, and periods of gasping for air throughout the night. If you have obstructive sleep apnea, your airways get blocked by your tongue or other soft tissues. This leads to many brief interruptions in breathing. Two of the most common treatment methods are a CPAP machine or a mouthguard. 

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In the meantime, see some of the advantages of sleep apnea treatment with a mouthguard:

    • Improved Health – Snoring can be annoying. But it’s far from the worst result of sleep apnea. Research has linked the disorder to serious health problems including high blood pressure, depression, strokes, diabetes, and heart attacks. After treating apnea, you’ll be less at risk for these conditions.
    • More Restful Sleep – A mouthguard keeps your airways clear all night, so you can breathe easily. This allows you to get better rest, including important REM sleep. Instead of waking up feeling tired, you’ll feel refreshed. Since you’ll stop snoring, those around you will sleep better too.
    • More Productive Days – Without a good night’s rest, you’ll be easily distracted and irritable during the day. Once you begin sleeping throughout the night, you’ll notice you feel better during the day. Chances are, you’ll be more focused and get more done.
    • Low impact on Your Lifestyle – A CPAP changes your bedtime routine. You’ll wear a mask over your face. You’ll have to get used to the mask and tubing, as well as noise from the machine. So will your bed partner. In contrast, a mouthguard just fits easily in your mouth. It’s barely noticeable. It also won’t cause a dry mouth or throat like a CPAP can. 
    • Easier to Clean – To clean your night guard, you simply brush it with a soft-bristled brush and mild soap. You’ll have to take a machine apart, and clean the parts (mask, tubing, tank) separately. It’s easier for mold to form and go undetected. 
    • Highly Portable – Traveling is a snap with a mouthguard, since it’s small enough to fit inside a pocket. People probably won’t even notice you’re using it, even in close quarters. You’ll need batteries or electricity to power your CPAP. You also need to fill it with distilled water. If you’re carrying it on a plane, the TSA agents will want to examine it. 

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