If your keep your gums in shape, your smile will be in better health. And as a growing body of medical research shows, so will the rest of your body. Gum disease is linked to several chronic health conditions, including diabetes, respiratory disease, and more. 

Your heart is affected by the condition of your gums, as shown in this short video from the British Heart Foundation. If disease-causing bacteria from your gums gets into your bloodstream, it can travel to other areas of your body, including your heart. Once there, it creates inflammation that can cause or worsen coronary disease. The bacteria can also cause  endocarditis, a serious infection that affects the heart’s inner lining.

Good oral hygiene is essential in preventing the buildup of bacteria that causes gum disease. You need to brush at least twice a day, for two minutes each time, and floss once a day too. You should also see us at least every six months for an exam and professional dental cleaning. We keep a close eye on your mouth to ensure we can eliminate gum disease in its earliest stages with a deep cleaning treatment. 

If you need to schedule an appointment in our Elizabethtown, KY office, call Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry today at 270-491-3768 (Lakewood) 270-200-6225 (Lincoln Trail) . Don’t waste any time if you notice any signs of gum disease: chronic bad breath, tender or bleeding gums, or even gums that appear to be pulling away from your teeth.