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We’re sharing another one of our life-changing services in Elizabethtown, KY. To improve your overall health and quality of life this year, you need the full function of your mouth and a complete, confident smile.

But it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or intimidated if you’re dealing with multiple dental problems at once. A full-mouth reconstruction can simplify the process of restoring your oral health, function, and appearance and by combining two or more procedures into a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan.

Since every patient is different, your path to a new smile will be unique to your specific needs, goals, budget, and timeline. The process can include any combination of restorative solutions highlighted on this graphic – from crowns and bridges to a full arch of new teeth anchored down with dental implants. 

And thanks to our high standard of excellence, our lifelike restorations will result in a strong, bright smile that looks beautiful yet natural. 

Are you ready to enjoy eating all your favorite foods, feeling confident around friends and loved ones, and sharing a whole, healthy smile again?

Then call Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry today at one of our Elizabethtown, KY locations for a full-mouth reconstruction consultation: 270-491-3768 for Lakewood or 270-200-6225 for Lincoln Trail. You can also schedule online.

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