Happy New Year!

Your friends at Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry are here to help you reach your goals for better health in 2024.

And we believe that begins by conquering your fear of the dentist and getting back to routine care.

A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth, but if your dental anxiety keeps you from getting the treatment your teeth and gums need, start building confidence with help from our friendly Elizabethtown, KY dentists!

One of the top priorities of our practice is to set you at ease the moment you arrive. Check out today’s video to hear Dr. Blystone talk about one of the ways we try to set a positive tone for our patients. 

Along with a warm bedside manner, you can also enjoy our cozy amenities and soothing sedation options all designed to give you the most relaxing experience possible so that you never have to feel stressed about dental appointments again!

Stay tuned all month long for more on our dental blog about improving your oral and overall health this year!

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