‘Tis the festive season, filled with joy and our favorite treats. 

However, it’s important to be aware that some holiday foods and drinks can leave stains on our teeth. Acidity in alcohol and carbonated beverages attacks tooth enamel, creating microscopic gateways for harmful bacteria. 

This not only leaves you vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities, but it allows dark pigments in certain foods and drinks to leave stains on your teeth.

To enjoy these delights without compromising your smile, consider using straws, rinsing your mouth with water, or brushing your teeth about 30 minutes after indulging. 

In case stubborn stains persist, our professional in-office teeth whitening treatment provides effective, safe results, lightening the color of teeth by several shades in a single appointment. Keep your smile merry and bright this holiday season with one of our take-home kits that allows you to maintain your results for the new year!

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