Your smile is such an important feature, and that’s why it’s easy to feel self-conscious when you know your teeth need work. 

It can be especially tough if your teeth aren’t straight, but as an adult, you feel reluctant to wear metal braces.

The solution is clear!

In keeping with our commitment to helping you achieve better oral health in 2024, we’re telling you about our options in clear orthodontics that deliver faster results much more discreetly than conventional braces so you’ll feel more confident during treatment.

Ceramic braces use clear wires and brackets that match your natural tooth color, providing a solution for crooked teeth that won’t call as much attention to your orthodontics as dark metal. 

But if you’re looking for a nearly invisible option, our clear aligners are a gentle, effective solution that are so hard to spot, people may not even realize you’re wearing them.

To hear more about our aligners system, check out Jessica’s testimonial!

If you want a boost of confidence even before your treatment ends, then straighten your crooked teeth with clear orthodontics at Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry.

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