You may know the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season. But’s it also National Flossing Day, an observance that’s pretty meaningful to us as your dentists. Chances are, you aren’t as excited about it as we are. It is a good time, though, to remind you of the importance of this oral hygiene habit. And to share some tips on how to get better at flossing. 

Flossing helps remove plaque from spaces in between your teeth and other areas that a brush can’t reach. Plaque causes many problems, including cavities and gum disease.

Even with daily and flossing, you’ll need to see us twice a year for exams and cleanings. We’ll proactively identify any problems, so they can be addressed while they are small and easy to solve. And we’ll remove any harmful substances from your teeth that you’ve missed at home.

To schedule your next appointment, call us at 270-491-3768  for our Lakewood location or 270-200-6225  for Lincoln Trail. In the meantime, check out our five suggestions to improve your tooth flossing technique.

  • Learn the Right Technique – Practice makes perfect. But many folks may not have a great understanding of the right way to floss. This video from the American Dental Association shows you how to do it. We’re also happy to help you learn during your next appointment. 
  • Don’t Floss Too Hard – As with brushing, you need to use a gentle touch. Avoid “sawing” too vigorously. It won’t clean your teeth any better – and will probably make your gums bleed and hurt. Just move the floss slowly back and forth. A little bleeding is normal, if it’s been a while since you’ve flossed routinely. It will go away in a few days. If not, give us a call. 
  • Make It a Habit – The ADA and the American Academy of Periodontology both recommend daily flossing. As a reminder, put your floss where you’ll be sure to see it, perhaps next to your toothbrush. You can also keep floss in places where you often have a few minutes to spare, like in your car or your desk at work. 
  • Choose Floss You Like – Try different kinds of flosses to find one you really like. That way, you’ll be more inclined to use it. Some people prefer waxed dental floss, while others like unwaxed floss. You can also find floss in flavors if that appeals to you. 
  • Try Flossing Tools – If you have arthritis or other issues with your hands or wear braces, you may find using dental floss is a real challenge. Ask us about tools you can use to help. Your options include water flossers, interdental brushes, and dental picks. We’ll recommend one that we think will work well for you. 

We can help you get better at flossing – and improve other aspects of your oral hygiene too! Call Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry now for an appointment in Elizabethtown, KY: 270-491-3768 (Lakewood) or 270-200-6225 (Lincoln Trail). Or schedule online