If you have missing teeth, you almost certainly feel like you are missing out – on smiling, eating, and other activities in your daily life. When you choose treatment that gives you new teeth in one day, you’ll regain the ability to do these things in no time. 

For this treatment, our dentists will place as few as four dental implants in your upper or lower jaw. They will then immediately attach a set of temporary teeth to the implants. You’ll smile confidently and enjoy many different kinds of food while your implants heal. Once they’ve fully healed, you’ll return to our Elizabethtown, KY office for a more permanent arch of replacement teeth. 

To see if this implant treatment is right for you, call Harvey and Nichols Family Dentistry at Lakewood 270-491-3768 or Lincoln Trail 270-200-6225. In the meantime, check out some of the advantages of this procedure: 

  1. Jaw That Stays Strong – You’ve probably noticed how long-term dentures wear changes facial appearance. This occurs when you lose bone density in the jaw, a natural result of tooth loss. Twenty-five percent of bone mass is lost in the first year alone. This won’t happen with implants, since they stimulate your jaw the same way that natural tooth roots do. A shrinking jaw affects the fit of dentures too. With implants, you’ll never need to reline dentures to maintain the fit. 
  2. Nearly Immediate Functionality – The arch of teeth you’ll receive on the day of your procedure isn’t meant to last a long time, only until your implants heal. But it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of teeth until your more permanent restoration is ready. You’ll be able to smile confidently and enjoy many of your favorite foods. 
  3. Secure Smile – Even with adhesive, traditional dentures sometimes slip out of place. Attaching teeth to implants keeps this from happening. You’ll feel more relaxed in social settings without worrying about loose dentures. 
  4. Easier and More Affordable Option – Eight or more implants are often used to secure dentures. This treatment involves a special technique that allows as few as four to be used. This takes less time and is easier on your jaw. Since fewer implants are involved, it also typically costs less than other kinds of implant dentures. 
  5. Natural Feel and Function –  Your new teeth feel and function almost exactly like natural teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, they won’t rub against your gums and create sore spots. Your new teeth also leave your palate exposed in the upper jaw, which gives you the ability to better taste food. 

To hear more about new teeth in one day, call us now at Lakewood 270-491-3768 or Lincoln Trail 270-200-6225.